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Love Your Phone for the Holiday December 20 2016

*UPDATE: Still time for delivery by Christmas through Peepsnake on Amazon.

Looking for the perfect phone lovers Christmas gift? See why The New York Times featured Peepsnake in the Sunday must-have Style Section and Forbes calls it the "clever everyday scarf".

Peepsnake Love your Phone Sale

Here is a video showing how to use and ways to wear a Peepsnake.


Please email us here; we love to answer any and all questions.

Peepsnake Love your Phone Sale

Merry Christmas!

Peepsnake's Holiday Cyber Week Sale November 24 2016

Thank you to our customers (and new customers) for your support!

Peepsnake Cyber Week Sale

This Sale is over but check our Home page for latest Peepsnake offers.

Peepsnake Cyber Week Sale

Complete your whole holiday list at once by giving a unique gift to your smartphone loving family, friends, coworkers, teachers, book club ladies, your hairdresser, the post-woman...

Peepsnake Cyber Week Sale
Merry Christmas!

Peepsnake Back-in-Stock with 'Ways to Wear' Instructional November 13 2016

Yes, most everyone chooses black accessories to go with everything, but sometimes a colorful option can be appealing to lift the spirits. This seems to be the case with our 'Multicolor Gypsy' Peepsnake Smartphone Scarf. Last year, this abstract fabric sash was popular on Amazon around the US and sold out quickly.

The Gypsy is back for 2016 holiday gift-giving! This year, we've included with each all-season knit Peepsnake, an instructional diagram on the multiple ways to wear: Cross Body, Figure Eight, Waist Sash, Italian Tie, and Shoulder Knot. Find it on Amazon and in our SHOP. This Peepsnake clear window pocket fits iPhone 5, 6, 7 and similar-sized Android.

Love your Phone!


Peepsnake for Girls: How Techie Kids Stay Warm Article November 07 2016

At our last event, I noticed Peepsnake was popular with the younger girls, as in the tweens. This peaked my interest in learning more about what girls like, being the mom of three boys and all, so I went online to research. Much to my surprise, I discovered Peepsnake iPhone Scarf featured in this article in a popular parenting blog, Nerdy with Children : How Techie Kids Stay Warm.

How Techie Kids Stay Warm

“Most people find it hard to do everyday things in the cold, but for a gadget nerd, the loss of easy tech access is perhaps the worst part of frigid weather. Good thing tech people are exceptional at problem solving. Let’s cover all of the high-tech winter wear essentials.

iPhone Scarf.

You may not want your kids texting all the time, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to be able to speak to them on the phone without making them take off all their layers. A scarf like the Peepsnake carries and connects small gadgets to make things easier in the cold.”

Avoid this:

Phone dropped in the snow

With this:

Winter Peepsnake

Protect your Phone in Style

Peepsnake passed QVC's Quality Inspection and Going On-Air September 12 2016

Very excited! I am less than 24 hours from going back on-air with Peepsnake on QVC. Set your DVRs for Tuesday, September 13th, 4-5am, or do like my 10-year old says he's going to do and get up to watch me!

Over the summer, we worked many weeks readying lots of Peepsnakes to ship off to the QVC warehouse in preparation to go back on air for a second year in a row. Part of this process was taking part in their inspection. QVC sent a representative to inspect each box going out, and the products within the boxes.

We are so proud of the quality of our fabric and stitching, we happily said “bring it on!”

Quality control inspector scrutinizes the Peepsnake scarves we ship.

Peepsnake gets the “QVC Quality Inspected” seal of approval!

What you will see tomorrow on QVC:  the popular colors that sold-out last year -Black, Creme, Purple, Blue, and Pink- and a new color addition, Cranberry Red.

Hope you will join me to shop QVC!