Peep Scarf? No, Peepsnake! October 28 2012

Google truly is an amazing connector. That someone across the country could find my company, as they did this week, even without knowing the proper name and  searching for terms like "peep scarf", "pocket in scarf for iphone" and "pinterest scarf pocket phone" is very cool.

iphone accessory

I spoke with a delightful woman, Nancy, from Santa Barbara, California. She said her niece in Cincinnati, Ohio suggested she buy her daughters a "Peepsnake" for Christmas gifts. When Nancy went to Google it, she put in 'peep scarf' and left off the 'snake'. She got "an array of scarves that go over the head and only the eyes show." Her niece did mention the scarf was for holding an iPhone, so she knew these couldn't be the unique techwear holiday gift she was looking for. After scrolling down Google, she finally found us. We are glad we could help her out, and are happy we will be keeping her nieces warm and connected this winter.

Remember: PEEP as in "peep at your phone" + SNAKE as in "wraps around your neck" = PEEPSNAKE The Peepsnake iPhone Scarf

Stay Warm, In-Touch, Phone-Butt Free, and Spreading the Peepsnake Word! Thanks for all your support!