Peepsnake on TV! November 28 2012

When you are watching TV this December, you might see a colorful Pike's Christmas Tree TV Commercial. In the ad, there is an adorable child standing with his equally pretty blond mom, excited to buy his Christmas tree.

She looks so vibrant is her red scarf. But... what is that black rectangle in the middle of the scarf?

She's wearing her iPhone Scarf! The new Red Peepsnake 'Let Love Rule' makes its debut in the 30-second Christmas Tree TV commercial spot for Pike Nurseries!

We are excited to be a part of a TV spot where it really would be a good idea to be wearing a Peepsnake! She might want to quickly snap a picture or take a video of her son's joy over buying their special tree; she might want to text her husband a quick question if they need anything else at the store; all fumble-free while her son pulls on her hands and jumps around with excitement.

Stay Warm, In-touch, and Phone-butt Free!