"The Coolest Ski Gear on the Market" says Business Insider December 28 2012

Thrilled the BUSINESS INSIDER chose Peepsnake on their list,

"The Coolest Ski Gear on the Market"

  Peepsnake selected in coolest ski gear
Ski season is around the corner, and if you're planning to hit the slopes, you'll want to stock up on some crucial items.

Business Insider lists Peepsnake iPhone Scarf
What's most original to Peepsnake is that you can take photos and video through the back window without removing your iPhone, keeping it dry and drop-free.

Note: Peepsnake recommends you stay safe by tucking your scarf securely into your jacket while getting on and off the ski lift.

For the month of December, we had a large serge of sales of our Peepsnake iPhone Scarf on Amazon. While we are excited people from all over the US, plus Europe and Australia, are finding Peepsnake since our launch 3 months ago, we were curious to know how they were discovering our new winter travel accessory. After a quick Google search of "iPhone Scarf", we are pleasantly surprised to find our iPhone/ smartphone holder picked up in quite a few online articles and blogs! Thanks for the AMAZING recognition! You can pick up your Peepsnake iPhone scarf online here, here, and here!

Stay Warm, Connected, and Phone-butt Free!