La Peepsnake: Press in ITALY January 06 2013

"La Peepsnake"  LOVE the sound of that!

La Peepsnake: Una sciarpa per smartphone

We discovered an article write-up in the Punto Informatico out of Rome, Italy, January 2013. We were curious, of course, what it said, so here is the translation from Google Translate:

A scarf for smartphones

A winter accessory to store the exposure device Freezing cold? The weather on the Peninsula is very unstable, even if you can not just talk about pleasant temperatures. Among the snow at low altitudes and past disturbances Scandinavia, Italy has passed the festivities dedicated to the timeless accessories to cover up and keep warm, such as hats, gloves and scarves. Just scarves seem to be able to offer something more than usual warmth and tested in the neck. The modern version of this accessory seems to be able to shield even smartphones. How? With a transparent pocket as that of Peepsnake iPhone Scarf. This particular scarf, in fact, presents a ZIP with transparent window to store safely your mobile phone. The special conductive material of transparent plastic allows you to use your touchscreen device without removing it from your pocket, so you can make phone calls, write text messages and email, surf the web and more without difficulty. The pocket is also kind of upside-down so when you pick up the piece of scarf where the smartphone is secured, you will see the screen in the right direction, even if the device does not support the rotation of the homescreen or menu. In the back of the pocket is then a small window for the camera lens, to capture shots without removing the smartphone from the holster integrated. If this is not sufficient, the manufacturer has used the material as Polartec, for a feeling to the touch like cashmere. At the other end of the scarf, then this is another zipper, where to keep other personal effects, such as coins, keys, documents and so on. The Peepsnake iPhone Scarf is available on Amazon at a price of $ 54.

Stare al caldo, collegato, e telefono-butt gratis!