Scatterbrain-Free Option from Tech Reviewer January 26 2013

It just happened to me. I ran out of the house without my Peepsnake. Even the inventor of the product can be forgetful-- I was rushed. As I was about to drive to an unknown location, I needed my Waze app to tell me where to turn. But where was my iPhone. Darn, it's somewhere at the bottom of my purse. I pilfered through. That panic came over me, "I've lost my phone." I hurriedly threw everything out of my bag, eventually discovering it sitting on the seat next to me. A friend of Peepsnake experienced,
Well, dropped my iPhone in a mud puddle while trying to get my baby, my work bag, purse, other bag etc. out of the car after work tonight. It’s currently sitting in a bag of rice. Won’t make that mistake again. Peep use daily!

It's the times we live in. We rely on our smartphones to get us through the day.

I remember 14 years ago (when I first left my career to be a stay-at-home mom), I didn't have a cell phone, heck, I didn't even have an email account. In the near future, our smartphones will be our wallets. All iStuff, covering all the latest products that could help make the life of iOS users more convenient, featured Peepsnake in their write-up "The iPhone Scarf":

All iStuff

Carrying your phone in cold winter days does not have to be a challenge. You could always put it in your pocket. The iPhone Scarf makes carrying your device even easier. It has a window pocket that fits all iPhones and most Androids. The iPhone Scarf feels like cashmere and has a pouch for your other belongings.

Peepsnake in NY

As another Peepsnake friend, visiting New York City, observed

When it started to be rainy and cold in NY I could use my phone without it getting wet. I had a lot of people do double takes and then ask me if my phone is in my scarf.

Here's to always knowing where our precious iPhones are located! Fumble-free, drop-free, scatterbrain-free! Links to pick up your Peepsnake, online here, Amazon here, and Peter Glenn here!

Stay Warm, Connected, and Phone-butt Free!