THE NEW YORK TIMES features Peepsnake February 10 2013

**A week ago today, our iPhone Scarf was featured in the Sunday Styles section of The New York Times!

Gifts for Keeping Warm and Connected While on the Go

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Newlyweds who play outdoors this winter will welcome gifts that help them stay warm, safe and in touch. For couples who ski there are scarves, goggles and helmets that can keep them connected. And there are devices that will record their feats and flops for showing back home — on a screen or in an album. The Peepsnake Scarf is made of fleece and has a plastic-covered compartment for touchscreen devices, like smartphones, allowing users to operate the device without taking it out. A zippered pocket holds money and keys; $54 from, (800) 818-0946.

Today is the first day of The Year of the Snake.

 Peepsnake iPhone Scarf

...Just as a snake sheds its skin, snake years bring rebirth and renewal... the potential to bring great prosperity.

We're going with that, because after our mention in The New York Times, Sunday, February 3, 2013, we've been blessed with lots of calls, emails & orders. THANK YOU!

Let's celebrate!! Stay Warm, Connected, and Phone-butt Free!