SIA Snow Show re-cap: Cool Booths, Trends, and Peeps February 22 2013

First visit to the SIA Snow Show in Denver, and what a time! I went to meet and greet my new network of peeps, show-off the Peepsnake iPhone Scarf, and check out the trends for Winter 2014. That is just what I encountered: Friendly, helpful (and beautiful) people, new product eye-candy, informative seminars, and imagination-capturing activities.

Link Party:  Roxy | Bergans of Norway | Point6 Socks | Aratik Board TrainingGrassroots Powder Surfing | LodgeSoxx | BounceBoard | Eira   Other notables I didn't capture pics of, but sweet all the same:  Joshua Tree Skin Care | Turtle Fur | WI-ME Snowboards (fun guys putting-it-out-there in a competitive field) | Peter Glenn Ski & Sport SIA, 'til we meet again in 2014!

Stay Warm, Connected, and Phone-butt Free.