PopSugar is sweet on Peepsnake February 25 2013

We have a sweet tooth for POPSUGAR's *geeksugar Geek is chic. Our Smartphone Scarf received some love in "Cute Winter Tech Accessories"

cute winter tech accessories

12 Cozy Tech Accessories For Winter Warriors

red iphone smartphone scarf
Winter cometh, gadget geek, so prep your tech for cold weather. Look over our picks for the coziest seasonal tech accessories that'll keep you warm until Spring. The Peepsnake Polartec iPhone Scarf ($54) gives you quick access to your smartphone without compromising your warmth or your device's safety. The scarf has a touchscreen-enabled clear window pocket in the front and a rear camera window.
THANKS for the delicious shout-out! Stay Warm, Connected, and Phone-butt Free.