YOU donated to Susan G Komen May 08 2013

Where were you when she told you, "I have breast cancer."?

Peepsnake donates to Susan G Komen

One of my best friends, Michelle, casually mentioned over the phone something feeling different in one of her breasts. And just like that... she was soon calling her family and friends having to break 'the news'. Kids activities, serving her neighbors and her community (something she is very passionate about) and training for her next marathon would be replaced with months and months of surgeries, chemo, doctors' appointments, extreme debilitation at some points, and complete hair loss. Only weeks before we were chatting it up about our goings-on, the kids, and the progress of the upcoming launch of Peepsnake.

She is my sounding board and my closest business confidant, always imparting solid business advice. Michelle is a giver, to her 3 kids, her husband, her kids' school, her friends, her church, her community. She's the one who delivers dinner to other people who are sick, drops off homemade desserts out of the blue, and throws impromptu parties for the girls.

Today, Peepsnake is grateful to make a donation to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of our pink 'Raspberry Sorbet' Peepsnake is being donated in honor of Michelle. We know that our customers made that happen and we dedicate your gift as a small token to the graceful fight and unwavering strength of our peep, Michelle, and to ALL your lovely ladies fighting the fight.

SWEET thank yous!