Peepsnake Tech-Wearables May 13 2013

The article"Fashion Brands Absent From Wearable Tech Revolution" by Business of Fashion confirms that the desire for tech wearable fashion accessories is upon us. peepsnake tech wearables

Peepsnake® is in the business of fashion wearables for your technology. That's how we started. A muddy fumble of a precious and expensive iPhone lead to a stylish and functional solution.

Peepsnake in research and development

Peepsnake 3.0: After a year and hundreds of tweaks later, Peepsnake went into market testing! (Oct 2011)

Inventor, Susan Bee Walker, is attached to her iPhone. She brings it everywhere, like most people. It contains the calendars of each one of her 3 boys, plus herself, and moves her through her day from activity to activity. Staying on top of the way everyone communicates today, through texts and emails... or tweets. And how fun is it to quickly capture the sunset or your cool shoes for Instagram. But she didn't want to hold her smartphone all the time, or take it in and out of her purse constantly to check and return emails and texts. This is what lead her to want and then create a secure way to carry her iPhone around, having instant access. Her husband, serendipitously, said, “You do realize that is how new products are born? If you have a problem, chances are other people share the same problem.”

iphone scarf for traveling, winter trends 2014

Purse-free and hands-free in the city with her Peepsnake Pro 'Black Diamond' holding: an iPhone, key, ID, credit card, lipstick, tickets to concert, and receipt for dinner.

Highlights from BOF article:

We already see people bringing their smartphones with them everywhere... to help them figure what they need to do or where to go or how to get there or to learn more about the person they’re about to meet with. It’s worth remembering, however, that real estate on the human body is limited. People only have two wrists and one face. And personal accessories are where fashion and luxury brands make a sizable chunk of their revenues. As young technology companies slowly but surely start to develop wearables with more evolved aesthetics, will consumers still have room for bracelets, watches and sunglasses [AND SCARVES] that may look good, but lack appealing functionality? Indeed, if they don’t want to risk ceding highly lucrative and limited space on the emerging battleground of the human body, it’s time for fashion brands to take wearables seriously.  

Peepsnake is proud to be a fashion brand who is present and upfront in the tech wearable revolution.

Stay Connected and Phone-butt Free!

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