Top 5 from Peepsnake REVIEW | "Women’s Ingenuity in Action" August 07 2013

"Fashion meets Touchology" We loved our quote when we said it back in September 2012 at the launch of our iPhone Scarf product, and we love it now! Of course, we are thrilled the supportive ladies behind Inspiring Women Magazine noticed in their Women's Ingenuity in Action | Invention Product Reviews.

Our top 5 favorite highlights from their article:

1. There are many reasons to wear the versatile scarf in the winter or the cool summer months in Northern California where I live.

ways to tie Peepsnake cross body

Our NEW All-Seasons Peepsnake Knit Line to wear as a scarf and cross body sash bag.


2. When it’s damp outside, I’m a little leery about pulling out my phone, but the Peepsnake protects it in all kinds of weather.

scarf with fully lined pockets to hold smartphone

Smartphone pocket and pouch are FULLY-LINED with ripstop nylon for moisture resistance.


3.  It will also keep your phone safe when your young kids play with it. They can’t drop it or goop it up with peanut butter and jelly fingers. My 6 year old is playing Clash of Clans now while I type on my laptop.

way to protect iphone with kids

Works with all people, iPhones with and without cases, iPod Touch, and similarly-sized Androids.


4.  It’s a fun accessory! It’s nice to have a scarf to throw on for added color and style. Even better, it has an extra pocket on the other side for keys, cards, a lipstick or glasses.

And I love the idea of using it as a cross body bag…  very hip.

scarf with pockets for travel

Ingenuity: ★★★★★


5. The packaging was cute and clever. It came with snake skin tissue paper tied with raffia. I felt like a queen as I unwrapped the package and found a personal note from the inventor, a great customer service touch.


Thanks, ladies, for the great feedback!

Find our NEW all-seasons Peepsnake iPhone scarf/cross-body bag here.

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