Customer shares Peepsnake PRESS that got her equipped for her next ski trip. November 17 2013

Who doesn't love a surprise? We make a point to keep up with the great (unsolicited) PR shout-outs various blogs write about Peepsnake, mainly so we can THANK them. There are times though when we get an email from a new customer saying they found out about our product from an article we didn't even know we had. What a great problem to have, right?!! 

According to Mashable, people interact with their smart phones every 10-15 minutes. Through Peepsnake's secure touchscreen window, you can quickly check your texts and emails, and take a photo, without having to take your phone in and out, like you do with other phone carriers, purse, or pocket.

No purse. No Problem. Here's the Peepsnake blurb from the article:

Get equipped with the latest cool gadgets for your ski trip

" The Smart Phone (whether it's an iPhone or Android) is one of the most popular gadgets to take on a ski trip. But how do you easily access it when you need to? The iPhone Scarf from Peepsnake tackles this problem with a fleece scarf that has a pocket with a Window so you can see and use your phone while keeping warm. A practical and neat design that you can also make use of at home in colder weather. "

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We have a new line of Peepsnake iPhone carriers made from custom-dyed 'THERMOCORE Micro' fleece in the latest Winter 2014 trend colors here. "Soft and luxurious with a velvety feel" And we continue to offer our ever-popular PRO line here, made from Polartec® Wind Pro "Feels like cashmere"

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Stay Warm, Connected, and Phone-butt Free!