And the Winner Is... [Survey Results] August 29 2014

The results of our survey have been tallied, and they were eye opening!
I first want to THANK all of our customers (or soon-to-be customers) for voting. We know how important your time is and we appreciate your feedback in order for Peepsnake to continue growing.
And the winner is, by a landslide... "New with Bottom Loop"



83% chose this logo.
I would call that successful market research!
Other results from the survey were:
• 10% chose the "Top Symbol" logo, and 7% wanted us to keep the "Original" Snake logo
• Not one voter said they did not like the winning logo.
• 15% of the voters said they didn't even like our original logo option, though one thought it was "perfect"
• One voter wrote "You are a total badass" but I suspect that was from my husband.
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Thanks again!