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OddityMall writes about iPhone Scarf With Window

The iPhone scarf is a scarf that has a pocket with a window in it so that you can see and use your phone while out in the cold. No longer will you have to hold your phone like some sort of savage when out on a walk, just slip it inside the phone pocket in your scarf, and do your tweeting, messaging, and facebooking on the go like every other idiot waking around with a phone to their face. The iPhone Scarf also features a second pocket for holding things like keys, wallets, or pet gerbils, and even has a window behind your phone so that you can still take pictures. The phone scarf is compatible with any smartphone device, is made from 100pct polyester polartec fleece, and measures 81 inches long x 6.5 inches wide.


The iPhone Scarf Makes Commuting in the Cold Convenient

This iPhone scarf is going to the answer to your cold weather problems. If you are the type of person who relies on your mobile device to keep you engaged and busy throughout your day, this is the perfect accessory. The scarf comes equipped with a touchscreen pocket that is designed to specifically hold your iPhone. This convenient design will make going out in the cold much more bearable. All you need are fingerless gloves and you're good to go!

The iPhone scarf eliminates the ability of having to take small items like keys and cards in your pockets as well. It ensures that your valuables will be safe and secure in the convenient storage space. The iPhone scarf is made from 100% polyester Polartec fleece fabric. Look stylish and be the envy of everyone on the street with the iPhone scarf.


Baby It’s Cold Outside: Winter Tech Accessories

*** Author’s Favorite Pick:

Don’t catch a cold and nix any worries about your precious smartphone taking a dive out of your coat pocket. Instead, slip on the Peepsnake iPhone Scarf. This scarf technically fits most Androids as well, so Android-users, read on. This fleece scarf that claims to feel as good as cashmere is a tech-fiend must have! It has a pocket for your phone that not only allows you to use your touchscreen phone, but it has a little back camera lens window for acting like the paparazzi without taking your phone out of the pocket. In case you hate to use your pockets or carry a purse or “man bag,” there’s an extra little pocket for your ATM card, keys, and whatever your heart desires (within sizable reason). Retails for $54

Peepsnake®  Protect your Phone.