Peepsnake featured in FORBES January 20 2015

Two Wearable, Cozy Gifts For The Smart Traveler

The Peepsnake is a clever everyday scarf that can carry your smartphone and personal essentials. One end of the scarf has a clear pocket for your smartphone–the big bonus being that once the phone is inside the clear pocket it can be used with ease. Take photos, talk or just check email—you’ll never have to take it out for any reason. The other pocket (at the opposite end of the scarf) is for money, keys, etc. I love the hands-free aspect—everything you need is at your fingertips. Take it skiing, walking the dog, or go hands-free as you wander around the city streets. And, because we adventurers want to be hands-free year-round, founder and inventor, Susan Bee Walker, has created two new lines of lightweight scarves ideal for wearing as a sash. Order online only, prices start at $39.95, free shipping.

Peepsnake fits a passport

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