Looking for the Lightweight Peepsnake? THEY ARE IN-STOCK! March 31 2015

Last November we started selling a limited quantity of an all-seasons knit Peepsnake Smartphone Scarf/Sash. By the end of the month, we were so backed up with orders, we started a wait-list.


We are happy to announce we are introducing our new LIGHT / KNIT Collection.

• Lots of great new designs to store and access your smartphone through the clear protective pocket without having to remove it to use it.

• Mist-Proof LINED pockets to keep your expensive smart phone and other essentials clean and dry. This lining is the same material used in weatherproof tents.

• No need to lug that purse to spring festivals, sporting events, traveling, and family activities. 

Find them now - Prints, Spring Colors, and Game-day Colors - for sale at a special Introductory Price... just in time for Mother's Day and Graduation Gifts.

Hands-Free Purse Independence!