Peepsnake listed in American Express Essentials September 16 2015

We are thrilled to be a part of such a great list of winter essentials.

Thanks for including us, Purnima Shrinivas!



Winter Is Coming: 18 Accessories To Plan For Now

The chic, the cosy, the cute, the convenient and the cutting-edge – here’s what to put on your winter accessory shopping list:

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Smart Scarf: Have a penchant for dropping your precious – we mean smartphone – while taking a ski lift selfie? Worry not, we have just the fix for that: a scarf with a zip-up, see-through, touch-screen-friendly pocket to stash your device in, so it not only stays secure and dry, but accessible, facilitating photography from up above. Not just that, it’s great to store all your essential extras.


Protect Your Phone