Peepsnake for Girls: How Techie Kids Stay Warm Article November 07 2016

At our last event, I noticed Peepsnake was popular with the younger girls, as in the tweens. This peaked my interest in learning more about what girls like, being the mom of three boys and all, so I went online to research. Much to my surprise, I discovered Peepsnake iPhone Scarf featured in this article in a popular parenting blog, Nerdy with Children : How Techie Kids Stay Warm.

How Techie Kids Stay Warm

“Most people find it hard to do everyday things in the cold, but for a gadget nerd, the loss of easy tech access is perhaps the worst part of frigid weather. Good thing tech people are exceptional at problem solving. Let’s cover all of the high-tech winter wear essentials.

iPhone Scarf.

You may not want your kids texting all the time, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to be able to speak to them on the phone without making them take off all their layers. A scarf like the Peepsnake carries and connects small gadgets to make things easier in the cold.”

Avoid this:

Phone dropped in the snow

With this:

Winter Peepsnake

Protect your Phone in Style