Reveal or Conceal your Phone in a Peepsnake November 13 2012

Do you love having all your necessities close by, and not having to keep up with a purse?

Do you love the idea of easy access to your phone but don't want people to know you even have a phone?

One nice trait of the Peepsnake is that you can wear your iPhone/Android revealed out in-front to have easy access to view and use your touchscreen through the window without removing it... Or tie it so your smartphone is concealed against your body, allowing you to feel the vibrations when a text or call comes in. You can hide that you are even carrying a phone and other belongings, say a passport when traveling, but still have access to snap a quick photo through the back window.

iphone window pocket scarf

Whether in Conceal or Reveal Mode, my Peepsnake was carrying... my iPhone, credit card, ID, cash, lipstick, tickets to our event, and receipts for dinner and art. Being hands-free and fumble-free, this allowed me to hold, in my one-hand, the art picked out by my 6-year-old, and in my other-hand... the hand of my 6-year-old!

Peepsnake Black Diamond is now available on Amazon, so when you are ordering the latest, most awesome toy for your 6-year-old, click on over to pick up a unique holiday gift for all your travelers. It's unisex, you know. Oh, and they ship for FREE.

Stay Warm, In-touch, and Phone-butt Free!