Do Androids fit in the Peepsnake Scarf? September 17 2013

We get this question a lot.
 " Will my Android smartphone fit and work in the Peepsnake iPhone Scarf? "

Peepsnake was coined "The iPhone Scarf" weeks after our launch in September 2012 by Anne Fritz in the Fashion Guide section of Inventor of Peepsnake, Susan Bee Walker, being an Apple devotee from her first Macintosh to the next iPhone, was thrilled with the moniker and the very early press attention.

Since more and more customers are asking about the pocket fit, we realize not everyone owns an iPhone though. As time and technology move forward and more companies come out with their versions of the touchscreen, our smartphone scarf must evolve too. To accommodate our diverse smart peeps, we decided to run a test. Which Androids would fit in the Peepsnake pocket? We headed down to our local testing site (Target) to try out the models and were pleasantly surprised with the results! Touch on us! We're not reviewing or rating the best Androids here (we'll leave that to the PC geeks.) The below photos are just simply showing how each model fits into the Peepsnake pocket and the camera lens accessiblity in the clear back window.

1. Samsung Galaxy S4

scarf with pockets for smartphone NFL purse ban

2. HTC One

how to carry smartphone without a purse

3. Motorola Droid Razr

android smartphone accessory for NFL Football games

4. LG Optimus

android protector carrier

5. Nokia Lumia

android smartphone scarf accessory

  "On the go, fashion conscious, smartphone users." The Peepsnake Smartphone Scarf! That has a nice ring too.

[ Our NEW PINK Peepsnake 'Happy Azalea' is found here. Our pink scarf sold out last year in a few weeks, so order early! ]

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