To OtterBox or Not in a Peepsnake? February 12 2014

" Will my smartphone with an OtterBox case fit in the Peepsnake pocket? "

peepsnake wotks with android and iphone

Yes, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 can be securely carried and used within the Peepsnake® window pocket with or without a case, including the OtterBox. Most standard size Androids fit also. Samsung Galaxy phones can be put into the pocket, without a case though. The Galaxy Note... will not fit in.

Free up your hands for other things. No more fumbling through your purse trying to locate your phone. And who wants to lug and keep up with their purse on a soccer field, at a football or baseball game, or walking the dog? Peepsnake scarves protect you from dropping, losing, or sitting on your smart phone. Zip your touchscreen into the pocket and use it directly through the window without having to remove to use. Quickly check and respond to texts and emails, and capture a photo out the back window without having to hold your phone all the time.

No Purse, No Problem.