How to Peepsnake on the Ski Slopes February 28 2014

This winter has been an incredible ski season where most of the country has been dumped on with snow. It is still heavily snowing in many parts of the country this week. One of our favorite places, Telluride, CO, had 10 inches last night!

While attending the SIA Snow Show in Colorado this past month, we connected with many from the ski industry. Funny, we had a lot of people come up to tell us they had dropped their precious, and expensive, smartphone from a ski lift.

Peepsnake Stay Connected on Slopes

In this space, Peepsnake is not a scarf, but a smartphone protector! We love to hear our customers excited about heading out to the slopes to test out their Peepsnake.
" Seriously, the best idea!!!! My phone will never be lost, dropped off a lift skiing and is always handy. Not too mention it holds my lip gloss, keys, ID and money. Brilliant! "

Some tips for Peepsnaking on the slopes:

~ After securely storing your essentials in your Peepsnake pocket and pouch, tuck both sides of scarf inside your ski jacket.

~ Once you're sitting on the ski lift riding up, remove the scarf end from inside your jacket to work your phone through the window, including capturing that gorgeous panorama from the back camera lens window. No risk of dropping or losing your precious smartphone!

~ Bonus: The plastic film and fleece surrounding your phone helps keep your device dry and warm.

~ Before departing the ski lift, tuck our scarf ends back inside your jacket.

We love to see pictures of you in your Peepsnake and your views. Post on our facebook page and help us spread the word with your peeps!

Stay Warm, Connected, and Fumble-Free!