What Goes into Making a Peepsnake? October 14 2015

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Peepsnakes are born from a small family-run business.

I am responsible for everything from making prototypes, sourcing material, selling, packing and shipping.  My husband is my marketing guru, who also takes on the job of reminding me to enjoy the journey.

Peepsnake Enjoy the Journey

I even enlist my teenager's opinion on product innovation and social media trends, and ask for help from my younger two boys to count inventory, tag and bag.

Time Spent:  Each Peepsnake is made by hand, by a local seamstress in the USA or in one of our factories overseas. As inventor and CEO, I spend a great deal of time meticulously selecting each item that goes into making the Peepsnake Smartphone Scarf. With my graphic design background, this is my passion! I wear and use a Peepsnake everyday myself so I am my best test-market on quality.

peepsnake sewn in the usa

Fabric:  I carefully choose and have each fabric style cut with intention. Research is conducted to take in account not only the way it feels against your skin, but the way it hangs with a smart phone and other items in each pocket.

peepsnake fabric

Our fabric lines include Plush/Premium with custom-made medium-weight plush micro fleece and thicker Polartec® fleece, and Knit/All-Season ‘soft, but durable’ Ponte de Roma fabrics.

peepsnake fabric

Conductive Vinyl:  The clear front and back window on our PATENTED touchscreen scarf is unique to Peepsnake. We tested many transparent materials to find ours which is ---> incredibly ‘fabric-like’, smooth, bendable, and super strong.

Zippers:  Only the best smooth-gliding YKK® zippers are used on all Peepsnake phone scarves. No ‘sticky’ zippers aloud! The exposed zipper design is consistent from our original Peepsnake design. It not only looks cool but is also clean and streamlined.

Zipper Pull:  We selected a friendly snake to compliment and add charm to the Peepsnake Smartphone Scarf; a little ‘bling’; but don't worry, it won't bite!

peepsnake touchscreen window scarf

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