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From Stay-at-Home Mom to QVC... (My Valentine's Day Gift from My Husband) February 16 2015

This past weekend, I got a special Valentine's Day gift from my husband– an article he wrote about me.

Susan Bee Walker for peepsnake iphone scarf

Here is a copy of my love letter ;)

“All In”… A Valentine’s Day gift to my wife

After 20 years of marriage, it’s often difficult to know what to get my girl on Valentine’s Day. So this year, I’m telling her story. I mean, I’ve watched this women go from stay-at-home mom for 14 years to ending up on QVC in 2 years. Even before she invented Peepsnake and founded her company she was always creatively tinkering with stuff. I once saw her wearing finger-tipless gloves so she didn’t have to take them off to use the touchscreen on her phone. I said “Those are cool. Where’d you get those?” She replied, “I made them”. I encouraged her, “That’s how inventions are born”.

One year while watching our (at the time) 4-year-old play soccer, she was juggling her keys, cup, and iPhone attempting to snap a picture when she dropped it all in the mud. Almost immediately she started sketching out an idea for a scarf that could hold her iPhone and her other effects without carrying a purse.

She bought a sewing machine, and after our middle son showed her how to turn in on, soon mastered the art of sewing. She designed, wrote, and illustrated both the design and utility patents. Susan Bee Walker painstakingly pours through research on fabric quality, manufacturer quality, and logistics, and is uncompromising on her product line. I’ve watched her build her own website, learn the manufacturing game, pitch to investors, work trade shows, work the books. I hear her hold vendors and partners feet to the fire, insisting that they work to her standards…all things that she did not know the first thing about before.

Some ladies bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan…my girl raises the pig, feeds it, nurtures it, processes it, cooks it, serves it, and cleans up the whole damn thing. I am in awe of her work ethic. She’s been written up in the NY Times, The Boston Globe, Forbes, The London Evening Standard, and several other fashion blogs. If she is up, she is working, tirelessly moving her dream forward, and most nights end with her scrutinizing some detail until she collapses in exhaustion. If hard work is the recipe for success then she’s cooking up a masterpiece. She sells through select retailers, and after a sell-out this Christmas season, QVC just reordered every scarf she has in her inventory.

I didn’t write this necessarily to brag on her…okay, yes I did….but more so to illustrate that sometimes the greatest show of love is knowing your lover is “All In”, that they will go the last mile and then some to support what’s important to you, no matter what the consequences. Indeed I am “All In”. Happy Valentine’s Day, Susan Bee Walker. I love you.

Love YOU!

Merry Christmas from Peepsnake December 25 2014

2014 has been a super year! Thanks for your Peepsnake support.

NEW VIDEO: What is a Peepsnake? (plus 10 different ways to wear your Smartphone Scarf) November 03 2014

Stay Connected and Phone-butt Free!

How to Peepsnake on the Ski Slopes February 28 2014

This winter has been an incredible ski season where most of the country has been dumped on with snow. It is still heavily snowing in many parts of the country this week. One of our favorite places, Telluride, CO, had 10 inches last night!

While attending the SIA Snow Show in Colorado this past month, we connected with many from the ski industry. Funny, we had a lot of people come up to tell us they had dropped their precious, and expensive, smartphone from a ski lift.

Peepsnake Stay Connected on Slopes

In this space, Peepsnake is not a scarf, but a smartphone protector! We love to hear our customers excited about heading out to the slopes to test out their Peepsnake.
" Seriously, the best idea!!!! My phone will never be lost, dropped off a lift skiing and is always handy. Not too mention it holds my lip gloss, keys, ID and money. Brilliant! "

Some tips for Peepsnaking on the slopes:

~ After securely storing your essentials in your Peepsnake pocket and pouch, tuck both sides of scarf inside your ski jacket.

~ Once you're sitting on the ski lift riding up, remove the scarf end from inside your jacket to work your phone through the window, including capturing that gorgeous panorama from the back camera lens window. No risk of dropping or losing your precious smartphone!

~ Bonus: The plastic film and fleece surrounding your phone helps keep your device dry and warm.

~ Before departing the ski lift, tuck our scarf ends back inside your jacket.

We love to see pictures of you in your Peepsnake and your views. Post on our facebook page and help us spread the word with your peeps!

Stay Warm, Connected, and Fumble-Free!

To OtterBox or Not in a Peepsnake? February 12 2014

" Will my smartphone with an OtterBox case fit in the Peepsnake pocket? "

peepsnake wotks with android and iphone

Yes, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 can be securely carried and used within the Peepsnake® window pocket with or without a case, including the OtterBox. Most standard size Androids fit also. Samsung Galaxy phones can be put into the pocket, without a case though. The Galaxy Note... will not fit in.

Free up your hands for other things. No more fumbling through your purse trying to locate your phone. And who wants to lug and keep up with their purse on a soccer field, at a football or baseball game, or walking the dog? Peepsnake scarves protect you from dropping, losing, or sitting on your smart phone. Zip your touchscreen into the pocket and use it directly through the window without having to remove to use. Quickly check and respond to texts and emails, and capture a photo out the back window without having to hold your phone all the time.

No Purse, No Problem.