What Phones Fit the Peepsnake Window Pocket

We have clear pockets to fit all sizes and types of smartphones. Peepsnake is compatible with both iPhone® and Android.

Here is a breakdown to find your fit:

“Standard” - iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8 and Android similar in size. Most Peepsnakes fall into this size unless otherwise stated. See below about cases around phones.

“Plus” or “XL” - iPhone 6 Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus and Android similar in size. Tip about the XL Plus window– Because of the larger phone glass, the vinyl will naturally 'stick' during touchscreen use; To remove phone from pocket, unzip and run fingers in-between vinyl and phone glass to separate, and then slide out.

Touch ID - To activate your phone without access to the fingerprint scanner, turn on phone with physical power button on the side; then drag from the left-hand side of the phone to access the recently used apps.

With Cases - Sizes above are taking into account a small to standard size case. If you have a particularly large case, such as an OtterBox, on a standard phone, you should select the XL window pocket size. If you have a Plus phone with a large case, sorry but we do not have a Peepsnake to fit your phone. Please consider taking case off to fit in pocket because Peepsnake will protect your phone from dirt, scratches and drops so you won't need the heavy duty case.

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